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On 13th September Live.com went, well, live as you can read here on the Livecom spaces blog. For those that don’t know, Windows Live is Microsoft’s Ray-Ozzie-driven attempt to catch Google in the online stakes and Live.com is the standard bearer for it. Its your one-stop shop for info, rss feeds, search and fun gadgets.

I’ve been using Live.com as my home page since well before it came out of beta. Here’s a screenshot of my personalised Live.com site:

I’ve got 6 rss feeds and 2 gadgets (Weather and Favorites) up there. Functionally its fantastic – I love not having to visit loads of sites to get my internet fix, its all in one place. And Microsoft’s long held dedication to giving developers something to play with is undiminished with the provision of developer.live.com, Live services, APIs, and the Live Gallery. Its AJAX driven which gives me the great ability that you can see in the screenshot above of being able to hover over a link and see the content behind the link. In the example above I’m looking at Paul Dawson’s Zune blog post from earlier today.

However, its not all great news. Functionality is great but the performance sucks. It takes longer than 60seconds from starting up my internet browser to actually being able to click on a link or even hover over one. And periodically the browser just freezes up as well without my even clicking anything on it.

By and large I’m growing to love the Windows live experience but there are still foibles and I hope they iron them out soon.

There are other products in the Windows Live family that I’ve been checking out which I’ve been far more impressed with than Live.com, specifically:

More to come on all of this in the future.


P.S. I may have shot myself in the foot by publishing the screenshot above because as you can see, at the time of taking it Europe were beating the US in the Ryder Cup. Please don’t come back to haunt me!



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August 14, 2007 at 12:03 am

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