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SharedView: What’s the skinny?

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Ever heard of SharedView? Its a new tool (currently in beta) that Microsoft are bringing out to offer remote sharing of applications and desktops. I gave it a go today and was most impressed, managing to remotely control my home PC from my desk at work (it was for work purposes – I promise).


Here’s a list of FAQs that I’ve put together based on what information I’ve managed to garner so far.


What is SharedView’s primary purpose?

Collaboration. This is all about sharing your workspace with others. The tagline is "connect. show. share." So earlier when I said i used it to control my home PC it required my girlfriend to be sitting at the other end to accept my sharing request.


How is this different to NetMeeting/Remote Desktop/Terminal Services?

NetMeeting only works inside the firewall. Terminal Services has a different raison d’etre, administration rather than collaboration. SharedView can route all traffic over HTTP so firewall issues are lessened and IT department intervention is not required (except to block it). (More details here).


How does SharedView work?

All traffic goes through a cloud service so this is not peer-to-peer. Hence, SharedView requires internet access.


How do I contact other people?

To instigate a sharing session with someone else you contact that person using Windows Live ID. The use of Windows Live IDs represents the most fundamental difference to NetMeeting which requires the users to exchange IP addresses. The use of Windows Live ID also means that a session can be instigated from a Live Messenger conversation (which is what I like about it – IT support for your relatives made easy).


How do Microsoft make money off it?

SharedView is a free tool. The revenues comes from advertisements that are displayed as you are sharing (note the earlier comment about all traffic going over HTTP).


Anything else?

APIs should be available to allow you to plug SharedView into your own applications (more here).


Where do I get it?

Here: http://get.live.com/betas/sharedview_betas




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August 14, 2007 at 2:18 am

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