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Windows Live: Gripes

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As regular readers will know I keep a keen eye on what is happening in our industry as to regards web "stuff"and in particular I pay close attention to Microsoft’s Windows Live initiative. There are a lot of things I like about what they are doing though at the same time there are quite a few that I don’t. Here is a selection of the issues currently pissing me off:

  • Microsoft have provided http://feedback.live.com/ as a mechanism for providing them with bug reports and ideas/suggestions. My problem with it is that the feedback is one-way only. You compose your message, correctly categorise it, check it for clarity spelling and grammer and all that good stuff; hit the ‘Submit’ button and it disappears off into the ether never to be heard from again. You don’t know if Microsoft have any opinion on your idea – you don’t even know if someone has read it. I have taken to trawling the internet for email addresses for people working on the product teams rather than use this formal feedback mchanism. Quite frankly, I hate feedback.live.com, and whoever in Microsoft conceived of this feedback process should be demoted, fired or perhaps even shot. They should take a leaf out of the book of http://connect.microsoft.com/ and force their staff to reply. Make them both visible and accountable.


  • I have been discussing with John Welch a problem with my SSIS Search Macro – some of his blog entries posts couldn’t be found even though I have his site listed on the macro. Upon digging a bit further we found that the entries in question could be found if we searched http://agilebi.com/cs/blogs/ but not if we searched http://agilebi.com/cs/blogs/jwelch even though the entries were below that directory. Just to prove it go here to see the search that works and here to see the one that (at the time of writing) does not. Smells like a bug to me.


  • 2 days ago I submitted 2 Live.com collections to the Live Gallery. A day later I got 2 automated emails for each of them (4 in total, 1 would have been enough) telling me that the collections didn’t have any content in them (which was not true). Smelling like another bug methinks – or at least a lack of education as to what a user is supposed to do!


  • Live Maps is a fantastic service and I have said so before. Its feature rich and, in my opinion, is the best online mapping tool out there. Unfortunately all that great functionality comes at a price – it isn’t the easiest of mapping tools to use. Scoble was on this very same tip recently. They need to sort out their user experience to back up what is fantastic functionality.


  • The latest naming fiasco was revealed at the weekend. Formerly their web based mail client was called Windows Live Mail and the desktop client Windows Live Mail Desktop. Now the desktop client has got the Windows Live Mail moniker and the web-based client is Windows Live Hotmail. Why did they bother stop calling it hotmail in the first place? This is on top of the Virtual Earth–>Microsoft Maps–>Live Local–>Live Maps–>Windows Live Maps naming fiasco plus whatever name changes Live Maps went through in the interim that have escaped me.


  • http://images.live.com/ is a very impressive search tool that enables you to find images related to your search term. For example, here is a collection of images pertaining to my old high school. What surprises me though is that it is not possible to get an RSS feed either of those images or one of my own personalised collections of images.


  • Similarly it is not possible (as far as I know) to get an RSS feed of photos on your Live Space. Photos on Live Spaces lags behind Flickr in many many ways – this is just one of them.

How about you? Anyone else using Windows Live Services got anything to moan about?



Written by Jamiet

August 14, 2007 at 2:01 am

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