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Windows Live: Live Drive is coming!

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The much-vaunted storage-in-the-cloud service from Microsoft’s Windows Live is soon to see the light of day. Oft referred to as Live Drive, it seems as tho Sky Drive or Windows Live Folders is the more likely moniker. Shame – I kinda liked Live Drive.

As usual Liveside were first with the scoop:

Click-through on the links to read all the juicy details. 

Chris at Liveside mentioned that a client app will doubtless appear at some point. Well in my opinion a client already exists. If Microsoft are serious about software-and-a-service -which means that Live Services will complement existing software- then Windows Explorer should be the client. That way its a seamless transition to using Sky Drive – people might not even know that they’re using a new service. As far as they are concerned its just an extension of Windows and that means that people can access their online storage from within all of their existing software and not just from a single client tool. Plus there doesn’t have to be more naming fiascos – Windows Explorer has already got the right name. 

Granted – they’ll need a client for non-Windows op systems. There’s an interesting thought – Windows Explorer running on a Mac.






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August 14, 2007 at 2:04 am

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