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Favo(u)rites don’t work on a mac!

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Yesterday my fiance, Helen, and I purchased our first ever Mac. We’ve been wanting one for ages so we went for a macbook and its been great fun getting to know a new O/S having used only Windows for the past gazillion years. We bought it primarily so that Helen would have a machine to use for the college course that she’s studying for right now -sharing our one other machine was becoming a bit of a bind- so she’ll be the one that is primarily using the macbook rather than I. Helen is a big user of Windows Live properties (Hotmail, Toolbar, Favo(u)rites, Messenger, Spaces to a certain extent) so its been an interesting experience seeing which Windows Live services work on a mac and which don’t.


The first thing I checked out (and I actually did this in the shop) was find out if Windows Live toolbar was available for Mac’s internet browser, Safari. Bad news – it isn’t. We use the toolbar primarily for syncing favo(u)rites between different machines so I was disappointed we couldn’t sync Helen’s favo(u)rites to the macbook. [This became even more annoying when I found out that Safari pre-populates your favo(u)rites (what they call bookmarks) with a load of links that I’m not interested in but anyway, that’s a different story.]

So given auto-sync using the toolbar wasn’t available it meant that copying the favo(u)rites over had to be a manual process so we headed to http://favorites.live.com (sorry to my fellow brits, http://favourites.live.com/ doesn’t go anywhere unfortunately). This is where I became REALLY disappointed, that site doesn’t show up properly in Safari. None of the favo(u)rites are visible. Disappointed but undaunted we resorted to copying all the favo(u)rites onto a USB memory stick and copying them that way. Its crude, but it works.

Other than that, hotmail, spaces & messenger all work fine. Messenger for Mac is a long way behind Messenger for Windows in terms of features (main gripe is that groups don’t seem to be available – I stand to be corrected) but all we’re really bothered about is the core ability to chat to friends – and that works fine.

If I have any more to share I’ll post it up here.





UPDATE: Turns out that groups ARE available on Messenger for Mac. My bad!


UPDATE 2: Favorites work if you Firefox rather than Safari.



Written by Jamiet

August 19, 2007 at 8:04 pm

Posted in Windows Live

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