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Windows Live on Nokia phones

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Pretty soon Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, Contacts and Spaces will be available on Nokia mobile phones. i.e. Without using a web browser.  As usual Liveside were first with the scoop.This is a great coup for Microsoft, even better for them is the news that as of early-2008 S40 devices will have all the bits pre-installed.

Although it may seem as though availability of Windows Live Messenger is the big story here – I for one disagree. Live Contacts (along with Live ID) is the glue that ties Messenger, Hotmail and Spaces together and if Nokia users are going to inherently be leveraging Live Contacts that that’s a huge win for Windows Live.

I personally love the fact that my Contacts are automatically synchronised between Hotmail, Live mail (i.e. the desktop client), Messenger and (crucially) my phone (which is a Windows Mobile phone). Even better is that through the use of Custom Domains I don’t even have to have a …@hotmail… email address but can still use the http://mail.live.com to read my mail.

I have one request to make for Live Contacts though. I have a @Live.com address as well which I may start using one day – but only if I can synchronise with my existing Live Contacts. If I can share a contact list between multiple Windows Live IDs then I will be a very happy man!


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August 22, 2007 at 11:57 pm

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  1. Is there anyone who can tell me which of the Nokia phones has Windows Live Messenger Pre installed on it i recently bought a nokia 6700 classic in june, but it was not on it and i do not know how i can get it apart from on ebuddy which i don’t want. Please let me know


    November 1, 2009 at 7:49 pm

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