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Windows Live Sidebar gadgets

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I’ve been using the Live Search sidebar gadget for quite sometime now. For those of you have never seen it, it looks like this:


There’s a lot of gadgets at http://gallery.live.com/default.aspx?pl=1 and there’s not many that I would actually take the time to use (some are useless, frankly) but search gadgets are different. It seems to me that the Live Search gadget is the type of gadget that Sidebar was made for. Quick and accessible – just as you want it. Here’s a shot of the flyout upon opening:



Unfortunately, for some reason this gadget doesn’t seem to be upon the Live Gallery anymore (I can’t find it anyway) but that’s OK because I’ve found another one. Live.com Searcher. What I really like about this one is that it changes the search results on every keystroke and it doesn’t show any ads. Observe what happens when I search for my footie team:

First 3 characters…



Another 2 characters…


The full name…


I can even launch image, news and map results although they appear in a regular IE window. It’d be nice if they appeared within the gadget. All very good though, the less browser windows I have to open up, the better.


So, on my sidebar at the moment I’ve got the following gadgets:

The one thing I think would be really cool that I don’t have would be a gadget that I could drop files into and it uploaded them to Skydrive for me. How about you? What do you have on your sidebar and what gadgets would you like to see in the future?


One last thing, if I’m talking about Sidebar gadgets I’d be a fool not to point out my own SQL Server Monitoring gadget. If you use SQL Server check it out and let me know what you think.




Written by Jamiet

September 2, 2007 at 7:16 pm

Posted in Windows Live

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