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Photo Gallery – Publish to Flickr???

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A few days ago in this blog entry I suggested that I’d like the ability to publish photos from Windows Live Photo Gallery to Flickr as well as Live Spaces. I also raised a connect submission saying:

I would like the ability to publish to other services as well such as Flickr. You can compare to other tools in the WL family. WL Mail supports many different types of mail account apart from Hotmail and similarly WL Writer allows us to publish blog entries to many more places than just WL Spaces. Even better would a sync in the opposite direction where my existing albums on Flickr are automatically synced with my offline storage in WL Photo Gallery.

I got this reply:

Thanks for the using Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta! We really appreciate you taking the time to send in your feedback and suggestions. We’ve heard the feedback and we’re looking into it. Stay tuned.

Crucially though the submission has been closed and the status is set to "Resolved (Fixed)". Hopefully this isn’t a mistake and we will, in the next release, be able to publish to Flickr. Fingers crossed!



Written by Jamiet

September 13, 2007 at 3:11 am

Posted in Live Photo Gallery

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