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Online word list is a prime target for SaaS

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You may have guessed that I use a fair few Microsoft products and many of them such as Word, Live Writer, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail all contain spell checking features. It annoys me no end that there is a separate custom word list for each of them because I have to add words that aren’t in the dictionary (like ‘centre’ or ‘labour’ – and yes those ARE the correct spellings) into every custom word list. Worse, I use several machines so I need to maintain different custom word lists for Word, Windows Live Mail and Live Writer on each machine. Even when using only two machines I now have (count them) 7 disparate custom word lists.

How much better would it be if I had just one custom word list that lived in the cloud and was synced to all of these tools? In the grand scheme of things its not exactly difficult to do, is it? After all if they can get syncronisation of offline email accounts working then syncing a list of words isn’t particularly taxing is it?

Furthermore, it would be a great example of Ray Ozzie’s software-and-a-service vision that would make it very simple for the layperson to understand.

Here’s hoping this appears in Office 14 if not before.


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September 25, 2007 at 5:17 am

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