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Zune II

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So, news about the 2nd gen Zune is out. How right was I with my predictions?

  • Sync via wifi. Check.  (Not claiming any credit for that one. It was a given)
  • A clock. Nope.
  • Windows Live Calendar. Nope.
  • Zune software will be overhauled. Yep. Big time it seems.
  • Soapbox sync. No – I was way off with this one.
  • Photos sync with Live Spaces. Same again.
  • More channels for purchasing. No news yet but I feel there may be more in the works here.
  • Podcast support. Yes.
  • Web browsing over wifi. No – miles off with this one.
  • More compact but screen size will remain. Half right, the 80GB model is smaller and lighter than the existing 30GB model but has a bigger screen.
  • Publishing a list of your most played songs. YES. I’m glad I picked up on this one cos no-one else did – I first suggested this in November 2006.
  • Some cross over with XBox. Yes. It may not have been announced but this post from Cesar Menendez surreptitiously alludes to it.
  • Media player extender.  Sort of. There will be syncing to Vista Media Center.  Very cool indeed.
  • Zune software will run on an XBox. No – I was off beam with this one.
  • Developer support allowing people to build apps for it. Nope!

I made the point that there will be some sort of tie-up with XBox and I wasn’t wrong. Its small at the moment but this will grow and grow I’m sure. This isn’t surprising given that the two products come from the same stable.

All in all I wasn’t too far off with my predictions – about half right I’d say.


I think Zune Social is the big news here. Automatically posting your "most played list" and "what I’m listening to now" to the cloud is innovative and ground-breaking. I can’t wait to get in to it.  Unfortunately I can’t at the moment cos it needs a bar code and I don’t know what that is. I’ve tried the code printed on the back of my Zune and its not that.


Time will tell all I’m sure.


The one thing I ask is that this service isn’t limited just to Zune Social.I would love to see a Facebook app and/or Live Space gadget that publishes my "most played list" and "what I’m listening to now". That would really sell the Zune to a wider audience.

The Zune team deserve huge credit for making all the new features available on the old Zune.  They could have forced v1 fans to go out and but the new one – now they don’t have to. Kudos. I’d stick with my existing one except that I’m desperate for the 80GB model and I can just give my existing one to my mum.


Some last thoughts.

  • A lot of people are moaning about the lack of a clock. Why exactly? Go buy a watch like normal people!
  • Are they finally going to recognise that there is a world outside of the USA and release it there as well?
  • Zune Social should be available to people that don’t have a Zune. There is no music-vertical-focused social network out there currently and this has the potential to become one.



Written by Jamiet

October 3, 2007 at 6:55 am

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