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Will there be an API for the Spaces ‘What’s new’ feed?

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The Live Spaces ‘What’s new’ feed (akin to Facebook’s news feed) has been warmly received and, judging by the amount of activity that I’m seeing on my Live Space home page since it was introduced, is driving up usage of Live Spaces as a whole.

Currently the ‘What’s new’ feed only supports photos, files, blog entries, lists, profile updates and new friends. I have spoken before about how I’d like to see the ability for other activity committed using my Windows Live ID to be displayed on the same feed. I was pleased to see that upon reading that blog entry Dare Obasanjo, one of the main architects of the ‘What’s new’ feed, made an open invite for people to contact him about doing just that.

Thinking on I’d like an API for the ‘What’s new’ feed to do more than just enable people to write to it. I’d like people be given the ability to read from it as well. The reason is simple, I read my ‘What’s  new’ feed every day but once I’ve read it I invariably close down the browser because usually I’m not really interested in much else on there. Hence, I’d like the same information to be made available via an API so that I can have that same information displayed in a web gadget or on a Vista Sidebar gadget. Or perhaps even as an application within Facebook. There’s lots of interesting possibilities, all it needs is an API.  How about it Dare?



Written by Jamiet

November 6, 2007 at 2:27 am

Posted in Live Spaces

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  1. I LOVE the "What’s New" feature, it brings updates to so many things that I want to know.
    I just wish they could allow you to customize it, to filter out the things you might not find interesting (i.e. a friend getting a new friend) and unsubscribing updates for that.
    A web gadget or a Sidebar gadget is neat as well. Maybe you should suggest this to Windows Live Feedback?


    November 6, 2007 at 6:05 am

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