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Zune review in Stuff!!

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Stuff magazine used to be my techno-mag of choice before I decamped to the US and discovered Wired. Still, Wired isn’t available everywhere and I’m currently sat in Gatwick North Terminal awaiting a flight to the US so I figured I’d cheat on my new love and cozy on up with Stuff for a bit.

Given that the upcoming Zune MkII isn’t available in the UK I was surprised to see that Stuff had a review of it and I was even more surprised to see that they actually like it. Here’s what Stuff had to say on the matter (comments liberally sprinkled throughout the whole mag):

Sometimes as Morrisey so memorably moaned, the joke isn’t funny anymore. Its become the favourite punchline for Mac fans laughing at Microsoft. but the tittering could finally be at an end with the launch of three new wifi-wonders; the Nano-nudging 4GB and 8GB players and a new 80GB hard drive model….But with no UK launch date announced now all we need to ask is ‘how Zune is now’.

A great leap – but come, Microsoft, let us get our hands on them.

Its touch-sensitive interface and wireless syncing ability could out-class the iPod Classic (and the iPod Touch).

There’s a familiar theme in there. Why the hell aren’t these little beauties being released outside of the USA yet? If there’s any of my mates reading…I’m heading back to the UK on 12th December and can bring a suitcase full of them if you’re prepared to pony up the cash (and they’ll be a damn sight cheaper in the US than they will be if and when they get released in the UK).


Incidentally, one other point I have to make about the Zune. A friend and I recently registered for the gym at our new place of work and upon visiting the gym for the first time discovered that in order to listen to the audio output from the numerous TV screens one needed an FM receiver. Hence I was pretty happy with my Zune MkI and its built-in FM radio but my iPod-toting mate was more than a little disgruntled to discover that the delights of US TV were closed to him. Are there any big fitness centre chains out there that use FM radio as a means of their members listening to the provided audio? If so, the Zune people could do worse than partnering with those chains to offer cut-price Zunes for members.



Written by Jamiet

November 6, 2007 at 2:13 am

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