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Using AdminCenter

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Earlier this year I used Custom DomainsAdminCenter to divert all my personal mail from existing email provider to the Live services. The benefits of this were huge:

  • I get to use a decent online email service in Hotmail rather than the crap that my existing provider provided. Oh, and its accessible via http://mail.jamie-thomson.net as well.
  • All my mail is synced from the cloud to my desktop. Note that this isn’t POP or IMAP, syncing is SO much more and SO much better than those.
  • I get multiple email addresses (should I want them) at my own domain for no extra cost.
  • All my email contacts are synchronised across the cloud, IM client, desktop mail client, social network and mobile phone (which doesn’t have to be a Windows Mobile phone by the way).
  • I can easily switch from my preferred personal account to the hotmail account that I’ve had for the past 11 years.
  • Every time I get an email I get a notification to my IM client
  • …much more besides…

I always intended to write about the experience of doing this but it was quite an in depth subject so I never bothered even though I always intended to do it eventually. Happily I don’t have to now because Michael Palermito has beaten me to it. If you want to read about how easy it is to move your existing personal mail account to the best integrated mail and contacts service there is then head to Michael’s blog and read all about it.


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Written by Jamiet

November 11, 2007 at 4:10 am

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