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More Live Maps ideas

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I’ve been churning out a few ideas for Windows Live lately and here are a couple more. This time concerned with Live Maps.

  • Collections currently require an internet connection in order to be viewed. I think there’s great potential for taking collections offline (i.e. as a stand-alone file) that you can interact with just as much as you can regular Live Maps.

This would be great for mobile devices because it would save bandwidth and thus save costs. Obviously the file contents would be a tiny subset of all the data available on Live Maps, but if you know what data you are going to need before you leave your house taking that subset with you would be a good thing.


  • The recent release of Live Maps (and the Virtual Earth platform) introduced the ability to build 3D tours of your collections (see some of them here). Its a fantastic feature but like anything there is still room for improvement. I noticed today that if you place a line such as this one:


on a collection and then build a 3D tour from that collection this is all you get:

Its hardly enthralling is it? All it does is zero in on the centre of the line. Instead I’d like something a bit like the video below that I had to record by placing lots of pushpins along that line that you see in the image at the top of this blog entry.

Still though its far from perfect. Its not the nice smooth journey along the route that one would like.

[I also acknowledge after writing this that I should have used something less bleak than the english Lake District for demo purposes but I’m not going back to redo it now. Hopefully you get the point.]


I have submitted both of these ideas to http://feedback.live.com and hence you can see them on my Feedback Lista as well. If you think it would e good to have these features then go and ask for them yourself as well.



Written by Jamiet

November 21, 2007 at 3:46 am

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