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Viewing work and personal calendars together

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Recently I sent the following request to http://feedback.live.com:

  • My work-based calendar is hosted on Microsoft Exchange. it would be great to be able to access that calendar via webcal and then add it to my Live Calendar.

(which, incidentally, you can see on my Feedback submissions lista).


I figured that it would be a long long time until we saw this because, as far as I was aware, there was no way to view my work-based calendar on a public website. How wrong could I be? Today I saw Sarah Perez’s blog entry Take your work calendar home and realised that, actually, its dead easy to publish your work based calendar to the web from right within Microsoft Outlook. When you do so your calendar can be viewed from anywhere via Office Online.


I was stunned when I found this out. Why? Because Office 2007 has been out for nearly a year now and this is the first time that I’d heard about this feature. It is the very definition of software+services that Microsoft keep harping on about. Its a perfect example of the Ray Ozzie envisioned future and yet until today no-one from Microsoft had even mentioned it as far as I know.


What I especially like about Office Online is that it is accessed using a Windows Live ID and thus published calendars can be shared with other Windows Live IDs. This should mean that displaying my work calendar alongside my personal calendar on http://calendar.live.com isn’t much of a jump and I strongly suspect that the boffins in Windows Live are working towards this goal as I speak. When they achieve it they will have met my feedback request and I’ll be absolutely delighted.

If this feature (i.e. viewing an Office Online calendar in http://calendar.live.com) is made possible then this could result in a huge upsurge in activity for Live Calendar and Windows Live in general because now every Outlook user in the world (and there is a lot of those) has a reason to start using it. You will hear a lot more about this, I guarantee it. This is going to be huge!



Written by Jamiet

December 13, 2007 at 10:36 pm

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