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Messenger pervades

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The ability to send people instant messages on the Live Messenger platform is expanding. Already it is possible to send/receive from IMs from your XBox, its now possible from Windows Media Center, and I strongly suspect that instant messaging will be built into Zune Social soon as well.

As Messenger starts to permeate other Microsoft properties I believe the requirement to show different statuses to different groups of people becomes more important. I personally would like the ability to appear online to all my work colleagues but offline to everyone else so that I don’t get distracted whilst I’m at work; I foresee that people would like to (for example) appear online to all their Xbox buddies while they’re using XBox Live but offline to everyone else. This functionality has been requested by people since version 8.0 of Live Messenger but still it hasn’t been provided, I hope that changes in the upcoming version 9.0.

With this in mind  I have just posted the following suggestion to the forums at Zune Social:

Zune Social is cool in that you can see who likes the same music as you and meet them etc… but any conversation that you have is via messages that you leave in their [Zune Social] inbox.

Hence, I’d love the ability to IM people from within Zune Social. The newly released Messenger Presence API and Messenger IM Control (http://dev.live.com/messenger/) could easily provide this ability. So, my request is that you give us the ability to see if people are online and IM them from Zune Social (to all the privacy advocates out there…don’t worry…the Presence API puts you in charge of who can IM you.)

Moreover, I’d like the ability to add people to my list of contacts. If they automatically appeared in a contact group called (e.g.) "Zune Social" then so much the better.

If you’re a Zune Social member and you think this would be a good idea, click through and add your weight to my request.




Written by Jamiet

January 13, 2008 at 5:48 pm

Posted in Live Messenger

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  1. It’s nice to have options, but that seems rather overly complicated to deal with different ‘groups’ and put yourself as this to some people, and as something else to another.
    But if there is that option, I hope there’s also the option to keep the same-looking identity across all Microsoft networks. I don’t want to miss a thing, or anyone else to either.


    January 14, 2008 at 12:36 am

  2. Jamie is as always sharp, i think he ought to chat with Dare!
    Not that what he has written would happen, but it is the aggregation idea of contacts based on layers that is interesting.


    January 14, 2008 at 8:58 pm

  3. Quikboy,
    I’m absolutely certain that that will be the default behaviour. No need to worry about that.
    Disco, I’d love to have a chat with Dare about it/….believe me :)


    January 15, 2008 at 5:12 pm

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