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I hadn’t realised until today but the Office Live Workspaces (OLW) team are attempting to build a fledgling social network around their product called Office Live Workspace Community. They have the notion of friends, sharing of RSS feeds, personal bio, private messages and avatars. You can see my public profile here: http://officeliveworkspacecommunity.com/user/Profile.aspx?UserID=3415


Similar to Zune Social, you log in with your Windows Live ID. This is good news, it means that we can expect to see integration with Windows Live services in the future. Here’s some ideas that I submitted on the OLW forums:

  • If I give someone access to one of my Office Live Workspace (OLW) documents, I would like them to be notified on their Live Spaces "What’s New" feed.
  • When I’m choosing people that I can share OLW documents with I’d like to be able to choose from my list of live contacts
  • If someone edits a document in a workspace that I have access to, tell me (or at least give me the option to be told) via Live Alerts.
  • Upload attachments in Hotmail/Windows Live mail directly into OLW
  • If I have due dates set on my tasks, make them show up in Windows Live Calendar
  • Same with event lists, make them appear in Windows Live Calendar. Conversely, let all my Live Events appear as an event list in OLW
  • There’s a notion of ‘friends’ in OLW. These should show up in my Live Contacts. If that person is already in my contact list (i.e. the Live ID is already there) then there shouldn’t be a duplicate.
  • Moreover, I’d like my OLW friends to automatically appear in a special group called "OLW Friends" or something.
  • Provide a gadget that enables me to display the contents of a OLW on my Live Space or on http://my.live.com
  • OLW has the notion of contact lists. I don’t think you should do this given that Live Contacts exists but if you ARE going to do it, allow people to import contacts from Live Contacts
  • Hotmail should provide the ability to save a document to OLW
  • Allow me to see if someone is online by leveraging Messenger Presence API and the Messenger IM control (http://dev.live.com/messenger/).
  • If I’m on a web page somewhere that has a link to an Office document on it, provide a WL Toolbar button that enables me to upload it to OLW
  • Allow me to import files that are on my skydrive

Its the usual sort of stuff that I always ask for and as usual I’m excited by the possibilities that exist by leveraging the Windows Live ID. Its not all good however, I don’t like the fact that I’m asked to supply information that I’ve supplied elsewhere.


Microsoft already know my name, location, friends, birthday, avatar and interests because its in my Live Profile. Isn’t one of the benefits of Live Services supposed to be the fact you only have to supply this information once? Admittedly Windows Live Data doesn’t yet expose much of this information – this needs to change as soon as possible. Are you listening Angus?


Written by Jamiet

January 19, 2008 at 11:33 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Jamie, I don’t quite get the "social" thing. I guess I’m thinking of Facebook (which I don’t like by the way – I’m in it on an experimental basis). Social in OLW, other than the forums, seems to mean blogs run by the staffers. I just added you as a "friend" but I have no indication of what that means so how can it be social?Facebook has a add-in app for your page that allows a visitor to add you to their Messenger contacts. I don’t know if that gets at one of your suggestions or if it’s different. You can’t message from there, but that makes it easy to reach them from Messenger (or Trillian or Adium).Looks like you’re into Zune Social which I’ve avoided. I find it hard to believe that anyone else would care that I love Pink Floyd and Jimmy Buffett so I haven’t looked into it.I’m afraid that by the time OLW becomes less obtuse they will have turned off a lot of people. I really hope they listen to comments and make improvements quickly.


    January 20, 2008 at 1:53 am

  2. Hey Jamie,Here’s the deal. People that use the OfficeLive services will develop a body of knowledge around their use. Not just the services themselves, but the many hundreds, maybe thousands, of activities the services support or enable. The OfficeLive community team believes it’s in everyone’s best interest if that growing body of knowledge and experience, is as available, discoverable, useful, meaningful, and open, as it can possibly be. Further, we believe those "experience stores" can be most  effectively created if we facilitate rich, high fidelity, conversations. What you see with OfficeLive community today is just the start: forums and team blogs. There’s more to come. I wish I could do it all tomorrow, but everything takes time. I’ll share this with you. I’m going to deploy a wiki. One of the things I’ll try to do with it is share site planning. I’ll let you know when we deploy. I hope you’ll come by.Brien, Jamie, would you like to blog on the site? If you’re interested, I could explore the possibility of setting up a customer blog. It would have to be OfficeLive services related. No promises of course, but if you’re interested, let me know.


    March 9, 2008 at 4:54 am

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