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Ozzie’s cheeky clue about the web desktop

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From Ray Ozzie’s appearance in today’s MIX08 keynote

As it just so happens we’ve had a team at Microsoft working on this specific scenario for sometime now. Starting with the PC and focused on the question of how we might make life so much easier for individuals if we just brought together all your PCs into a seamless mesh for users, for developers. Using the web as a hub. Before you know it you in this audience are going to have the opportunity of being the first to try out an early technology preview of this simple but incredibly useful new software and service. As this product emerges, just over the horizon, I think you’ll find it to be quite intriguing and key in delivering upon a vision of a personal device mesh of connected devices.

He chose his words very carefully. Windows Live Horizon obviously isn’t far away now and information continues to trickle out about what it may be. I’m assuming there’ll be something more concrete coming out before the end of the week and clearly Liveside’s assessment of Horizon being "the web desktop" isn’t far off the mark.


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March 5, 2008 at 11:16 pm

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