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Zune ideas still spewing forth

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I’m still throwing ideas for Zune Social up onto the Zune Forums. My latest few are below, let me know what you think.


Build xrank into Zune Social


How about when we browse to an artist on ZMP or the Social you show information from their XRank profile.

XRank is a vertical search offering from Live Search that ranks celebrities based on how often they’ve been in the news lately. For example, here is John Lennon’s XRank: http://search.live.com/xrank/results.aspx?q=John+Lennon and the XRank for my favourite all time band, The Stone Roses http://search.live.com/xrank/results.aspx?q=the+stone+roses

There’s a lot of information on there that could be leveraged in Zune Social/ZMP. If nothing else just show their XRank on the artist profile page in Zune Social.


RSS feeds for my plays and other data

I’d like to see RSS feeds provided that pass out all my information. Something like the following might work:

That way I’d be able to choose which information I want on my Zune profile or I’d be able to show it on other sites such as http://friendfeed.com/jamiet

Obviously I would have the option of whether to make this data available or not.

You could also make site-scoped info available as well:

Or artist-scoped info:

Let me list gigs I have been to or am going to

I’ve talked before about how gigs are the "real" social aspect of music. Hence, why not give us a way to meet fellow zuneaholics at gigs.

Give us a way of listing gigs that we are going to or have gone to on our profiles. If I happen to add the same gig as someone else then tell me about those people – give us a chance to meet on Zune Social.

You could also publish my list of concerts as a Live Calendar (http://calendar.live.com). Nay, you should DEFINITELY do this. Maybe you could give us the option to create a Windows Live Group for that particular gig (after WL Groups gets released later this year).



Written by Jamiet

March 26, 2008 at 12:53 am

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