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How did my Mesh predictions go?

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Six or seven weeks ago I wrote a blog entry entitled Speculating about Horizon where I made some wild predictions about what would constitute Horizon (aka Live mesh) when it got released. Let’s see how I did:

  • "Given that Ray Ozzie talked about a way of connecting all of your PCs I’m wondering if Horizon will incorporate some sort of web-based remote access to your various PCs, a little bit like GoToMyPC.com, maybe through the form of a web-based RDP client. Terminal Services for the masses if you will."
    Yep, I was correct about this. And RDP is indeed the underlying technology that is allowing it.


  • "Horizon seems to promise anytime access to your personal data hence I am wondering if Skydrive synchronisation will be incorporated into Foldershare. I hope so."
    Mesh does indeed promise anytime access to your data however they seem to have built another platform for this rather than leveraging what Skydrive and Foldershare provide. Certainly there is no syncronisation between Skydrive and Foldershare at this point in time.


  • "Windows Live Favorites already allows us to synchronise our web favorites to the cloud and across different PCs so I would assume that there would be some sort of interface to view those Favorites from within Horizon as well. And why stop at Favorites? Why not make ALL of your desktop settings such as menubar setup, IE and Windows security settings, and word lists sync across all computers as well."
    I still believe that this will happen, and I have definitely heard talk over the past few days about Favorites synchronisation, but there is no word on this as yet. I’ll stick my neck out and say synchronising your Windows settings from one machine to another will be a big theme of Windows 7 and Live Mesh is going to be the enabler. 


  • "Microsoft make money from building software that acts as a platform so I would assume that Horizon will also be a platform of sorts. In other words I would expect that there will be a way for 3rd party vendors to build Horizon add-ins; for example, Salesforce might provide an add-in to display your sales leads on Horizon. Of course, in the web world add-ins are known as "widgets" or "gadgets" so Microsoft are going to have to make a much better stab at this than the largely ignored Live.com and Live Gallery. "
    I was definitely correct about the platform bit; it seems that not a single Live Mesh presentation or video goes by without them mentioning "Microsoft is a platform company and Mesh is a new platform". A platform for what though? Well Microsoft have not been shy about saying that 3rd parties will be able to build applications for Live Mesh and I have no qualms about saying that this will be a bigger better version of Facebook apps. Of course there will be the usual anti-Microsoft tirades about Facebook getting there first but that will miss the important point about Mesh – that those apps will run offline as well.


  • "Horizon" is the brand name for Windows Live wave 3.
    No. I was wrong about this.


  • "Feedsync is going to be the standard that powers Horizon."
    Yes, I was right about this although I can’t claim too much credit given that they had all but announced it anyway.


So, yeah, in many ways I was pretty close but most of it was pretty obvious anyway. I’ll have more to say about Live Mesh in the next few days.


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April 27, 2008 at 5:41 pm

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