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SSDS and Mesh

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SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) and Live Mesh are the two technologies that are uppermost in my mind at the moment. [My thoughts on SSDS are here and on Live Mesh here.] Hence then it didn’t take me long to start wondering about the value of the two of them being integrated together. SSDS is a data storage platform and Live Mesh is a data synchronisation platform so put them together and you have the ability to synchronise data stored in SSDS to…well…anywhere that Live Mesh can run. Perhaps Mesh could even be used to synchronise data from one SSDS authority to another?

In order for this to happen an adapter would need to be written that exposes an SSDS data store as a "virtual" device. I sent a message to the SSDS team via their blog site The Long Term Storecast and I got a reply basically saying they would consider it so here’s hoping that this gets implemented. I suspect they have got plenty of time because I don’t expect SSDS to get released out of beta until 2009.

What sort of applications do you envisage being built on an SSDS-Mesh tag team? I have a couple of embryonic ideas that need fleshing out a wee bit (euphemistically speaking) but in the meantime I have no doubt there’s going to be some killer apps built on these platforms.


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Written by Jamiet

May 1, 2008 at 9:44 pm

Posted in Live Mesh

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  1. Interaction between Mesh and SSDS is very likely in the works. Nigel Ellis demonstrated in his Introducing SQL Server Data Services session at MIX08 using the Sync Framework to synchronize vCard contact data between Microsoft Access 2007 and SSDS v1. See more on the interoperability front in the "Live Mesh and LINQ to Mesh Updates" topic of LINQ and Entity Framework Posts for 5/1/2008+.


    May 3, 2008 at 5:35 pm

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