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Yet more Zune ideas

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I had a couple of Zune ideas today which I posted to the Zune Social forums and thought I’d put them up here as well to see what others think of them.


Sync xRank

A while ago I suggested displaying xRank info on an artist’s Zune page (e.g. Here is John Lennon’s xRank: http://search.live.com/xrank/results.aspx?q=John+Lennon) That hasn’t happened yet but I hope it will do soon.

Now here’s an extra idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if up-to-date xRank info were synced to our Zune device? e.g. I’m listening to a John Lennon song on my Zune and I have the option to see the information from his xRank as it was last time I synced.

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Sync reviews

Now that every album can have user reviews wouldn’t it be cool if those reviews appeared on our device whenever we started listening to an album.

This would be even more compelling for those people that use a Zune pass. It would be even more compelling still if we’re using a Zune pass to sync our friends’ playlists (that’s a new feature in Zune 2.5). That way, not only can we listen to whatever our friends are listening to but we can see what other people thought of those songs/albums as well. Might help us make a decision whether to buy it or not.

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What do you think? If you like the ideas hit the links above and add your comments. And add them as a comment to this blog entry as well.


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May 18, 2008 at 8:38 pm

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