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Zunervision cometh soon!

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Remember back in February when I had my idea for Zunervision? Here it is again:

One of the coolest mashups I saw last year was TwitterVision. That’s where various Tweets from around the world are displayed on a map and you can actually watch the world is saying.

Would’t it be cool if you could do the same thing with "the last song that someone listened to on their Zune" or "the last podcast someone listened to on their Zune" or "the last video that someone watched on their Zune"? Throw that stuff onto a map along with wherever that person happens to be located and watch what people around the world are listening to or watching.

[I posted this idea to the Zune forum as well and it created quite a discussion]


Well anyway, with the recent Zune 2.5 release the Zune team went a long way to enabling Zunervision, they now let us record our location. Observe:


Hence, my location is now exposed on my Zune profile.


So, now that the Zune team know what we’re listening to and they know where we are I would expect Zunervision to become a reality very very soon.



Written by Jamiet

May 18, 2008 at 5:41 pm

Posted in Zune

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  1. That’s pretty high hopes. A lot of websites ask to list the location of where you live. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll have a worldwide map showing the latest user updates.
    Nice idea, but there’s not really much of a point to this.


    May 18, 2008 at 11:08 pm

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