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Live Groups yadda yadda yadda…

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Yeah, I’m on about Live Groups again. Sorry if you’re fed up with this but I can’t help but emphasize its importance nor hide how excited I am about what Groups and Mesh will bring.

"From a technical perspective, the largest chunk left to be finished is affinity grouping – taking the atomized identity and social metadata and organizing micro-communities that can act as power brokers in the new information model Mesh creates" – Steve Gillmor


That’s a posh way of saying what I said in my post yesterday:

“the real power of this ability to define groups of users will be fully realised when Live Mesh gets released and I’ll explain why I think so.

Live Mesh will enable 3rd parties to interact with me (and my data) even when I’m offline but if this sounds scary to you, you needn’t worry. I as the user will have full control of what data 3rd parties have access to and to prove it you should head to http://consent.live.com where you can see the seeds of these fruits. I suspect that we will be able to specify that a Windows Live Group (as opposed to just an individual user) has access to some of my data and when you consider that that data will include data created by 3rd parties rather than just the existing Windows Live services that we know and love/hate then you can hopefully see why that becomes very compelling.”

If you want you can hear more from Steve Gillmor on The Gillmor Gang. If you want you can hear more from me right here!!!

Written by Jamiet

June 3, 2008 at 7:59 pm

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