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Where is xRank?

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xRank is Live Search’s celeb-spotting search engine. It ranks celebrities, politicians and music artists (I’ll wager that sports stars will be next) according to what the web is saying about them (and how much).


[Interesting to see that Clinton is above Obama given that the latter finally took the spoils yesterday]


I’m surprised that, given all the recent movements in Live Search world, we’re not seeing xRank pop up in more places than just http://search.live.com/xrank. I have spoken in the past about how I’d like to see xRank integrated more into Zune Social but its not just that property that could benefit from some xRank action. I’m especially surprised that xRank hasn’t appeared on http://entertainment.msn.com/ given that many artists have their own page on there. For example here is John Lennon’s page on MSN, it wouldn’t be too difficult to show some information from his xRank profile on there would it? Similarly I remember when the online celebrity stock exchange game Celebdaq was all the rage – why not provide something similar based on xRank?

Live Search News stories could be decorated with xRank stats, as could advertisements displayed on Silverlight Streaming videos. How about sponsoring TV programs such as The Soup and getting them to use xRank stats on each of their stories".

I really don’t understand why we’re not seeing more of xRank, it could be killer. What do you think?


One more thing…how about producing localised versions of xRank? I live in the UK and quite frankly I haven’t heard of a lot of the people listed on the celebrity xRank top 20. (That’s going to be a request for http://feedback.live.com and thus my feedback lista.)


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June 4, 2008 at 8:48 pm

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