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Some agreement on Windows Live URLs

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Some inane waffle for a Friday evening….

Back in March I posted a blog entry of constructive criticism entitled What’s with Windows Live URLs? where I bemoaned the lack of consistency and intuitiveness in Windows Live URLs. I wasn’t sure at the time whether it was worth posting about because to most it probably seems incredibly insignificant but I think its very important and I got some positive replies which made me think that perhaps I wasn’t complaining about nothing.

Today I saw a comment from Simon Willison on Robert Scoble’s Friendfeed feed that went like this:

I heard this exact same argument all the time when I was working at Yahoo! – the secret weapon is the hundreds of millions of Yahoo! Mail users. It’s no good just saying you have the users; you need to execute well as well. I have yet to see evidence of Microsoft executing effectively on the web. It’s 2008 and they still don’t even know how to design a decent URL!

I feel slightly justified!



Written by Jamiet

June 13, 2008 at 10:10 pm

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