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A great new feature for Windows Live Photo Gallery

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There’s an exciting blog entry on Liveside today which states:
Windows Live Photo Gallery – the main new feature in the current M1 build is facial recognition. Photo Gallery will automatically recognise people’s faces in your photos, and users will be able to add tags to each person
That’s very interesting because in a blog entry entitled "Auto-tagging in WL Photo Gallery" from November 2007 I asked for that very same feature:
…wouldn’t it be better if Windows Live Photo Gallery suggested tags to us and we just pick the ones that we want. For example, I take a lot of photos of my fiance, Helen. It would be useful if, when importing more pictures of Helen, Windows Live Photo Gallery were intelligent enough to realise that one of the faces appearing in my new batch of photos were similar to those I had already taken and thus infer that any tags from those existing photos might be applicable to some of the new ones
I waste a lot of copy on this blog fantasizing about future enhancements to Windows Live products so I’m delighted that something I want is making it into one of the products.
I now wonder whether this feature will make it into a future Flickr compete from Windows Live? It would be great if tagged photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery got automatically synced to an online photo-sharing service.
Oh look, there’s that word again. Sync. Can you spell "Mesh"?

Written by Jamiet

July 24, 2008 at 11:28 am

Posted in Live Photo Gallery

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  1. I was quite impressed by this when I read about it. It’s a really innovative feature to add.


    July 28, 2008 at 5:24 pm

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