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Future gazing with Wired magazine

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I’ve just been reading the latest edition of Wired magazine. Its an american magazine but having until fairly recently lived in the US for 18 months I became an avid reader and now that I’m back home in the UK I still hunt for it at Waterloo station every month.

They have a feature called “Found” where they predict what something will look like in years to come and in the latest issue they’ve predicted what our “Whirlpool Intellifridge” will look like on 24th November 2020. Here’s the result:


Here’s a quick rundown of some of the predictions:
-Polar bears and bees will be extinct
-A freezer that will defrost your food while its still in there and tells you its going to be ready in roughly 28 hours
-Seattle Seahawks will be renamed Microsoft Seahawks and will play at Ballmer Memorial Stadium in the World Football League against the Dubai Roughnecks (€500 entry with a DNA-encoded ticket – scalping not allowed)
-Francis Coppola will have his own brand of water
-Postcards from (a green) Antarctica and a Mars Safari
-An electronic note from a fellow member of the grubshare network asking to borrow 1 cup of protein paste
-An electronic warning about high bacteria levels at Ho Chi Minh shrimp house
-An “I loved New York” fridge magnet
-A space rocket themed birthday invite with a button saying “Press here to RSVP”
-“We support our troops in Venezuela” fridge magnet
-Information about what we can’t eat, our energy use and “nanobot demolders” (whatever they are)
-A Los Angeles fridge magnet with a deer emblem
-Historic Route 101
-A €100 poker chip from Reno.


I do this quite a lot myself, wonder about the future that is and I think it will be rather interesting to come and revisit this blog entry in 15 years and see just how true-to-life this scenario becomes. Hence, I’ve set myself a reminder for 20th November 2020 to come back here and re-evaluate this blog entry to see if anything that it prophesises comes true.


I have no idea if this blog entry will still exist in 12 years or even whether I will still be alive but supposing all is well then it should be a fun exercise to come back here and relive this. Just to provide a bit of context here is a screenshot of today’s BBC News website along with links to the stories themselves:


Osborne fears sterling collapse

World leaders grapple with crisis

Teachers backing Baby P director

New Zealand beat England 32-22 in Brisbane to reach rugby league’s World Cup Final

European debut for ‘$100 laptop’

Is Obama recreating the Clinton era?

Endeavour shuttle blasts off

Redknapp slams coin-throwing fans

Obama aide apologises to US-Arabs

10 things we didn’t know last week

Review: Chinese Democracy

I daresay that the various items on my desktop will provoke some hilarity as well. “WINDOWS  VISTA!! My god … someone actually USED that!!!” 🙂


See you in 12 years perhaps?


Written by Jamiet

November 15, 2008 at 12:01 pm

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  1. Iam also a fan of wired’s future artifacts. nice blog, I will definitely see it again in 2020 !


    November 24, 2008 at 2:36 pm

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