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New Channel 4 Messenger bot come too late to save Windows Live Agents

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Interesting news coming out today regarding Windows Live Agents (aka Messenger bots). UK broadcaster Channel4 has teamed up with Microsoft to build a Messenger bot for its upcoming teen drama Skins (for which previews are currently getting very heavy rotation in between Hollyoaks, Celebrity Big Brother and Friends re-runs). From New Media Age:

Channel 4 has launched a Windows Messenger tool for the new series of teen drama Skins, which starts on Thursday.

The new series will be accompanied by a Windows Messenger bot, which will release messages and content, including cast & crew interviews and the bonus videos not aired on TV, as the show is broadcast.

Information about tracks being played as users watch the show will also be released in real time, while between episodes users will be able to see previews of the next episode, access the track listings for the previous show and find links to video diaries and behind-the-scenes footage.


Going after the teen audience is exactly what Microsoft should have been doing all along with Windows Live Agents given that audience’s predilection for instant messaging and its great to see that new bots are still getting released even though Microsoft have all but given up on them. I’ve said before in my blog entry I believe that Agents are our future… that I thought Windows Live Agents had huge potential and I was disillusioned when Microsoft announced that they would be ceasing support for them. Perhaps this new Skins bot is one last hurrah, I live in hope that the Windows Live Agents fire could be rekindled.


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January 20, 2009 at 3:45 pm

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