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IE8 submission re-opened

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Back in March 2008 I posted a suggestion to the Internet Explorer Connect site called Web Slice Gadgets which went something like this:

Web Slices are a method for packaging up small portions of data from the internet and making them easily available. Well to me, that sounds a lot like what gadgets are for.
The advantage of gadgets is that you don’t have to open a web browser in order to view them like you do with Web Slices. On the other hand the advantage of Web Slices is that you don’t need to be a software developer in order to build one. Hence, wouldn’t it make sense to combine the two? Let me store Web Slices on my Windows Vista Sidebar or as web gadgets on Live.com/Live Spaces.

Taking the idea a bit further, Web Slices could be leveraged elsewhere:
-Perhaps we could build a personalised Popfly block based on a Web Slice? Or perhaps they could be a source of a Yahoo Pipe?
-Web Slices could be synced to our mobile phones
-Maybe Web Slices could live as a tab on Windows Live Messenger
-Best of all, Web Slices could be defined centrally on Windows Live Horizon and synced to multiple devices

N.B. “Windows Live Horizon” is what is now known as Live Mesh


A day later I got the usual banal reply “Thank you for your feedback. We will consider this in a future version of IE” and the submission got closed. Imagine my surprise then when today the submission got re-activated – that has never happened to me before and I submit a lot of Connect submissions for a lot of technologies. It seems too much of a coincidence for that to happen on the same day that IE8 gets released (I actually got the notification email as I was sat in Dean Hachamovitch’s MIX keynote where IE8 release got announced) so I’m wondering why exactly this has happened. Are the IE team already planning for the next release I wonder? Surely a release party is in order first?

Answers on a postcard… I actually find it rather intriguing. Here’s hoping that I have some more information on this soon.


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March 19, 2009 at 6:48 pm

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