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Bing Maps apps need time as well as location

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I have already talked about Bing Maps’ new “applications” feature in my post Genius new feature on Bing Maps – apps and how excited I am about their potential however I still think there is room for improvement and I was determined to let Bing Maps’ technical evangelist Chris Pendleton know about it so earlier today I tweeted this:

chrispendleton #bingmaps apps are v v cool but developer needs a way to filter by time as well as location


Chris replied saying:

@jamiet I assume you mean the vintage of photos rather than time of data overlain. That WOULD be sweet. 🙂


Well Chris, yes, that would be cool but it isn’t what I meant so allow me to explain. To do that first let’s take a look at the list of applications available today in the beta:


I’ve highlighted the Local Lens (i.e. blog tracker) and Twitter apps because those are the ones where the dimension of time is important. Its not enough to know WHERE they occurred, you may want to know WHEN they occurred too. Any event based application (e.g. A gig-guide from Ticketmaster as I mentioned in my last post) would have a time element to it too.


Let’s take a “for instance”. Say I was taking a city break and I wanted to know what events were going on in that city while I was there; I might pull a Gig application onto my map as well as an app that shows me sporting events in the area. Those two would show me plenty of gigs and sporting events but I’m only interested in the ones that are going on while I’m there, I couldn’t give a stuff about the rest of them. Hence what is needed is a way for us to define a time period in addition to the geographical area; moreover I should only have to specify it once and allow multiple applications to make use of it.

Make sense?


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December 8, 2009 at 9:42 pm

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