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Ray Kurzweil on what tech we’ll be using in 20 years

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In a recent interview on Channel 9 noted futuroligist (not my favoured word but it seems to be what everyone else calls him) Ray Kurzweil said:

In 20 years we’ll have computers that match the human brain, that will pass the Turing test. But they’re not going to compete with us, we’re going to actually merge with them. We’re going to put them in our bodies, keep us healthier, we’re going to put them in our brains. Not evasively but in the bloodstream, little computers the size of blood cells will go in our brain and actually make us smarter – put our brains in the cloud, backup our memories, make us more capable.

It sounds like the stuff of fantasy but Mr Kurzweil is well-known for making wild predictions like this and generally getting them correct. I have set myself a reminder to return to this in 20 years to see if he was right.

Take a listen for yourself here (its about 4 minutes in):


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January 13, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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