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Live Mesh’s real raison d’etre starts to become clear

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Two years ago Microsoft announced Live Mesh, a product offering that synchronised files between multiple devices and the cloud. It has since garnered a lot of interest and is is expected (by me anyway) to be rolled into Windows Live in the upcoming wave 4 release.

Since Live Mesh was first announced I have been telling anyone that would listen (which is practically no-one) that the real story about it was not the file-syncing application but actually the underlying data synchronisation platform that Live Mesh was built upon. The platform has had a few names over the past two years including the Live Framework (the name I generally use), the Mesh Operating Environment, the Live Operating Environment and most recently at PDC09 the audience API. The promise of Live Framework was that it would be able to synchronise any piece of data between disparate devices and thus provide developers a new paradigm on which to build and distribute their apps.

Without those apps though this was a fairly difficult story to tell and with Live Mesh and the Live Framework in a seemingly eternal beta the interest has waned over the past couple of years. That has changed in the last twenty four hours however due to video currently doing the rounds on the web and which has caught the attention of Engadget and Gizmodo and the imaginations of their readership. Here’s the video:


In this demo Eric Rudder plays a game on his phone and then picks up an XBox controller and plays the same game picking up from exactly the same point that he finished at on the phone. How did the XBox know where to pick the game up from? Well, its because that information was synced from his phone to his XBox and I’d bet any money that the technology used to do that was the Live Framework.

Here, two years on, we have a simple demo that shows how powerful the Live Framework could be. Eric Rudder says in the video:

I really think the best is yet to come

and I wholeheartedly agree. The Live Framework will power a new breed of apps where our data moves with us from device to device.

I am hoping that the new Live Framework will be a big part of the forthcoming announcements at MIX10 which starts in eight days time. I shall be watching.



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March 7, 2010 at 3:37 pm

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  1. As shame you won’t be there. I’m very interested in where sync services is going, etc. as I will be architecting a number of solutions, both out-of-browser silverlight apps, that will implement this concept of your data following you. I’m looking forward to extendign the reach onto the wp7 devices.


    March 7, 2010 at 8:19 pm

  2. […] that was referred to as Live Framework (go and read my many many blog posts on the matter if you want a refresher). About a year later however Live Framework was unceremoniously removed from […]

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