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I spy a Live Framework portal

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Those that have followed my blogs for a while may know that I have a slightly banal interest in Windows Live and, more specifically, the Live Services developer platform’; if that doesn’t sound interesting to you then stop reading now.

My interest mainly stems from the Live Mesh technology that was announced a couple of years ago and the data synchronisation platform API that underpins it; that platform is called the Live Framework or LiveFX for short. At the Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) 2008 Microsoft made LiveFX available to the public as a Tech Preview and I spent some time learning to use it and also built a few test apps on it too. In August 2009 an announcement came that that tech preview was getting shut down:

"At the Professional Developer Conference 2008, we gave the developer community access to the technical preview of the Live Framework. The Live Framework is core to our vision of providing you with a consistent programming interface. Now we are working to integrate existing services, controls and the Live Framework into the next release of Windows Live. Your feedback continues to help us build the best possible offerings for Windows Live users, for you and for your customers. "

Since then news on LiveFX has disappeared save for a throwaway session at PDC09 and I was hoping that news was going to appear at this week’s MIX conference but nothing was forthcoming. Instead though today I stumbled upon an unannounced portal for future LiveFX applications on Microsoft’s Azure portal at http://live.azure.com. Check it out:

livefx portal live framework

I consider this to be very good news. This Azure portal was built after the LiveFX tech preview was decommissioned so seeing Live Services existing so prominently alongside Microsoft’s other cloud efforts like Windows Azure and SQL Azure vindicates my early investment in the platform and gives me hope that we’re going to see something get released very very soon. I believe that the potential uses for this platform are extremely compelling and I’m looking forward to trying some out in the near future. I am also expecting LiveFX to have a heavy dependency on the OData protocol that I talked about yesterday in my post OData.org updated – gives clues about future sql azure enhancements so you can tell where my interest in that stems from.

In case you’re wondering the projects that you see listed above (Basic List Sample, JT-proj etc…) are projects that I built on the old Tech Preview platform so clearly that stuff has not gone for good which is also good news; not just because it means I’ll have access to the code I wrote before but I also assume it means that LiveFX won’t have changed much since its tech preview incarnation.

I know there are other LiveFX buffs out there and hopefully this news reaches some of them. If you are one of them the please put a comment below and let me know your thoughts!



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March 18, 2010 at 9:29 pm

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  1. Don’t be so sure. There was a portal for Live Framework like this a year ago, and I used it to create a service I used when playing with the Live Framework CTP stuff. In fact I just went to the link you posted and it still lists the service I created way back then. My guess is that they just haven’t gotten around to removing this yet, since they’re more interested in the money making pieces of Azure. I hope Live Framework comes back, but I haven’t seen anything about it since last September when they pulled it down.


    March 22, 2010 at 9:43 pm

  2. Hey Christopher,You’re right, I shouldn’t take this as gospel. Any mention of Live Framework raises my heckles though y’know! And I think its important to realise that the portal I linked to above was built AFTER the tech preview was closed down. Why would they go and build Live Framework into the portal if there weren’t some plans to host it there?We shall see.-Jamie


    March 22, 2010 at 9:49 pm

  3. […] platform that was referred to as Live Framework (go and read my many many blog posts on the matter if you want a refresher). About a year later however Live Framework was unceremoniously removed from […]

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