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Mobile app match ideas–Barclays Cycle Hire & Crowdsourced Sports Scores

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Liveside reported yesterday on a new site that allows one to submit ideas for apps for Windows Phone 7. I submitted two (see below) and I’d really appreciate if you could click through and add your vote to them:


Barclays Cycle Hire app

On 30th July 2010 The Mayor of London launched a new cycle scheme called "Barclays Cycle Hire" (go and Bing it).
The idea is simple – there are about 400 "terminals" around the city from where people can rent bikes and then drop them off for a nominal fee.
A key part of making this work is knowing that there will be space at the destination terminal and, if there is not, is there any space at a nearby terminal. Each terminal has a touchscreen computer that enables the customer to find out whether there is space at the destination terminal and (here is the key) that is supplemented with an iPhone app that provides the same information.

Simply – I would like a Windows Phone 7 app that does the same thing.

Vote at: http://www.mobileappmatch.com/post/2010/08/01/Barclays-Cycle-Hire-app.aspx?fbid=ccPkVk2H01V


Crowdsourced Sports Scores

There are plenty of ways to get sports scores on your phone today but they all rely on someone like ESPN/an other news broadcaster providing them.

My idea is to adopt the wikipedia model of user-gen’d content and crowdsource sports scores so that THE FANS CAN BECOME THE REPORTERS.

e.g. I’m at a Lakers game and Kobe scores I would simply hit a button on my phone and send a notification of that score to the svc. Anyone else who’s interested in the Lakers can instantly see the score, probably before ESPN or whoever provides it.

Also, it could work for your college team…whatever, anyone should be free to provide data to the service on any team or sport that & it then becomes a one-stop shop for every single sports score in the world, pro or amateur. Loads of possibilities thereafter. e.g. Aggregating tweets about a particular game, real-time updated league tables, league table of "top contributors" etc…,

More details: http://bit.ly/9MgIMA

Vote at: http://www.mobileappmatch.com/post/2010/08/01/Crowdsourced-Sports-Scores.aspx?fbid=ccPkVk2H01V


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August 2, 2010 at 6:31 am

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