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Windows Live Mesh made significantly less useful in version one than originally promised

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Windows Live Mesh was first released in Tech Preview form in Spring 2008 and I have been a very vocal advocate of both Mesh and the underlying developer platform ever since. As you may or may not know Mesh finally reached full v1 release status 4 days ago on 30th September 2010 and in the intervening period many changes have taken them place – not all of them good ones. In fact I would go so far as to say that the product that was released four days ago is significantly worse than what I first experienced two and a half years ago.

Here are the main complaints that I have with the service from a consumer perspective:

  • In Mesh Tech Preview we were able to share folders as read-only. That option is no longer available:


Here we see a screenshot from the original Mesh tech Preview showing that this was indeed possible:

Windows Live Mesh Tech Preview permissions

Why on earth would they take away this genuinely useful feature?

  • There is no activity stream any more (i.e. no information on what has changed in your folders) and given that folders cannot be shared as read-only this is an important feature – one needs to know when shared files have been changed, who has changed them and where there are conflicts.

Here is a screenshot from the original Tech Preview demonstrating this activity feed (back then it was called the “News Feed”):

Windows Live Mesh Tech Preview news feed


There are a lot of things I like about Windows Live Mesh v1 over the original tech preview but I am distinctly unhappy about the absence of these two particular features. If you agree with me I would encourage you to register your displeasure at http://feedback.live.com and hopefully we shall get these features back one day.



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October 4, 2010 at 5:48 am

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