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Announcing the Sunbury-on-Thames hub on Elmcity

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Ever heard of the Elmcity project? It is an effort by Jon Udell (blog | twitter) to do for calendars what Google Reader has done for blogs. Put more succinctly it is a calendar aggregator. Elmcity will search out publicly listed events for a given location and aggregate them all in a single place and (more importantly) to a single public calendar feed that anyone can subscribe to in their calendar program of choice (e.g. Hotmail Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple iCal).

Regular readers of this blog and my more technical work-related blog will know that I have particular interest in subscribable calendars and calendar aggregation from my past blog posts:

and so was eager to get involved with Elmcity; hence I have created an Elmcity event hub for my hometown, Sunbury-on-Thames. I was impressed by the ease with which I was able to set this up (go read the Elmcity FAQ to find out how to set up an Elmcity hub for your own home town) and was pleased to see, via my hub, that indeed people do add events to Eventful & UpComing for the surrounding area. Here’s some stuff coming up in the first few weeks of November that I would never have otherwise known about:


If you want to view the hub then go to http://elmcity.cloudapp.net/services/jamiethomson/html or, if you want to make it really useful, subscribe to the calendar using this URL: http://elmcity.cloudapp.net/services/jamiethomson/ics in your calendar program of choice (Hotmail Calendar, Google Calendar etc…

Now that the hub is up and running the challenge is to make it seriously useful by getting local organisations like schools, clubs, local authority groups etc… to start publishing their calendars in a way that I can get them into the hub. That wont be easy but I shall be endeavouring to publicise the hub and this blog post is just the start of that – I hope to report some success in the coming months.

In the meantime, if you are a Sunbury-on-Thames resident and have stumbled in here I would really love to know what you think of this little experiment so please let me know what you think about the Elmcity hub and perhaps let me know about local events that I can add in. I can be reached on Twitter or via email.

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October 14, 2010 at 6:15 pm

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  1. […] by aggregating iCalendar data per locale. My interest in the project has led to me becoming the curator for the Sunbury-on-Thames hub on […]

  2. […] by aggregating iCalendar data per locale. My interest in the project has led to me becoming the curator for the Sunbury-on-Thames hub on […]

  3. […] time I have published a subscribable calendar (I did it for the 2010 World Cup for example, I also curate a calendar for my home town) nor the first time I have opined about them. The reason I bang on about subscribable calendars […]

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