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Web Slices on Windows Phone 7

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In March 2008, soon after Internet Explorer 8 was unveiled to the world, I wrote a blog post entitled Web Slice Gadgets in which I opined that a nice feature for web slices would be enabling us to install them as desktop gadgets within Windows. I said then:

Web Slices are a method for packaging up small portions of data from the internet and making them easily available. Well to me, that sounds a lot like what gadgets are for. Doesn’t it to you?

The advantage of gadgets is that you don’t have to open a web browser in order to view them like you do with Web Slices. On the other hand the advantage of Web Slices is that you don’t need to be a software developer in order to build one. Hence, wouldn’t it make sense to combine the two? Let me store Web Slices on my Windows Vista Sidebar

It is not possible to do this today, not even in Windows 7. However, I was browsing through the Windows Phone 7 marketplace earlier today when I happened upon an app built by Lorenzo Barbieri of GenioDelMale called webslicer that brings the power of webslices to Windows Phone 7. The description goes:

With this app you can use the most of the web slices from IE8 and IE9 directly from the Phone. You need the URL of the slice, and you can add it to the favorites for later use.


Cool stuff Lorenzo. I’ll definitely be getting a hold of this app when I get a Windows Phone 7 (which I can’t right now – rant coming about that later).

Unfortunately there is no way to link directly to the app within the marketplace (not one that I know of anyway) but if you search in the app marketplace within Zune it shouldn’t be too hard to find.



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