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Wired UK magazine predictions for 2010, as made in May 2009

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The inaugural edition of Wired UK magazine in May 2009 (link is working at the time of writing) published an article called “What’s Next” in which they invited luminaries to predict what would happen in the world over the next 40 years. I authored a blog post entitled What next? Future predictions for the next 40 years where I summarised all of those predictions and made a promise to review those predictions every year to see how accurate they turned out to be. This blog post is the review of the predictions made for the year 2010.

There was only one prediction made for 2010 and it was by Saul Parker, an anthropologist. He claimed that by 2010 we would have:

Citywide free wifi. And not just supplied by the local authority. “A crowdsourced wi-fi network would be created if everyone turned off the encryption on their home wi-fi”

As I understand it there ARE pockets within the UK where free wifi is available as provided by various organisations, witness:

London Underground has teamed up with BT Openzone to launch the first Wi-Fi internet access on London’s Tube. The trial is at Charing Cross Station where London Underground customers can access service information on their mobile devices, smartphones or laptops.

However, there is certainly no citywide free wifi as far as I am aware nor are people turning off their home wifi encryption in great droves. As I write this blog post I have switched on the wifi receiver on my phone to discover two wifi hotspots in my area other than my own – both of them are secured. Hence, I would say that this prediction represents a rather inauspicious start to Wired’s predictions. No matter, please return here in the future to see how other Wired futurologists have fared. No predictions were made for 2011, 2012 or 2013 so my next post will be in four years time – for 2014. The one prediction for 2014 is:

Life-browsing. “As more of our digital lives go digital, we may use a program to sort our data. And it could hook up to software that understands the things people forget.” Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research.

Reviewing today

In order that this series of posts can act as a time capsule for future readers I am going to capture the news headlines on the date of publication of each post. Here is a screen capture of the BBC News website on the morning of 31st December 2010:image














Top stories are:


I look forward to welcoming you again in four years time.


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