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Is Live Clipboard making a return?

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In May 2009 I published a blog post entitled Whatever happened to Live Clipboard? where I asked what had become of Microsoft’s Live Clipboard incubation project. This is how I described Live Clipboard back then:


“Live Clipboard uses JavaScript and standard XML formats to easily move data from one web site to another, or between the web and standard applications. It extends the clipboard concept (familiar to most computer users) to the web.”


In other words, it is copy and paste for the web.

[Learn more about Live Clipboard at http://www.liveclipboard.org/]

Nothing has been heard of Live Clipboard since then which I find eminently disappointing however today I saw an article by John Cook entitled Ex-Microsoft and Yahoo research guru Gary Flake starts stealthy Clipboard. This is interesting because Gary Flake was the head of Microsoft’s Live Labs which is where, I believe, Live Clipboard came from. Now Flake has a startup called “Clipboard” – does that sound like more than a healthy coincidence to you? it does to me! I wonder whether Live Clipboard is going to make a triumphant return…I hope so!



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April 25, 2011 at 8:35 pm

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