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Commenting on “The Internet of Things”

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Steve Clayton yesterday posted a blog post entitled The Internet Of Things where he talked about the possible forthcoming revolution that will happen when everything (e.g. your toaster) is attached to the internet. Some choice quotes from that:

“There are many more scenarios that begin to become possible – when I check in to a hotel, there is still to much systems integration for me to do to hook up my PC, music player and phone to the hotels systems. All of that could be stores in an online profile in the cloud to make my life easier – right now those systems are designed to make the hotel chain’s life easier”

“When I’m out and about, the potential for connecting to sensors is huge – street signs that adapt to me, road signs that are personalized and the potential for upload of data from my car to the cloud is huge – collective traffic movements uploaded to the cloud could help everyone avoid gridlock for example.”

This is an area of technology that fascinates me and I felt compelled to post a comment on Steve’s post passing on some of my own pertinent thoughts; I didn’t want that comment to go unseen because I do think there are some important points to be made and hence I am recounting it below for anyone that happens to stumble in here:

The internet of things has such incredible potential, I honestly don’t think we have yet dreamed up ways that this *could* be useful.

I do have a concern though – technologies like this will only be successful if they enter into the mainstream and in order to do that the public are going to have to accept them. That has happened for some technologies over the last couple of decades (e.g. SMTP, HTML) but not others (e.g. RSS, iCalendar). I do hope we take learnings from that and ensure that these technologies enter the mainstream in ways that joe public can comprehend them and their usefulness.

Incidentally, a fantastic book on this subject is “Pull” by David Siegel. Go and learn more at http://thepowerofpull.com

Do you have any thoughts on The Internet Of Things? I’d love to hear/read them.



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February 1, 2011 at 11:39 am