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Samsung Omnia 7 at T-Mobile UK for £15 a month

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Yesterday I had a phone contract with T-Mobile in which I was paying £35 a month and I was using an HTC HD7 Windows Phone. All in all I had no real complaints with this although I was jealous whenever I met an owner of the Samsung Omnia 7 because, to my mind, that is a far superior handset.

This morning then I woke up and read an article on http://wmpoweruser.com, Samsung Omnia 7 on T-Mobile UK for only $15 per month! (the article author clearly doesn’t know the difference between USD & GBP but on this occasion I’ll let him/her off) Clicking through to the T-Mobile site I saw this:


That’s a *free* Omnia 7 on a £15-a-month contract with 500MB of unlimited data allowance.

As luck would have it my T-mobile contract comes to an end in less than a month so I I phoned up Customer Services and asked them if I could upgrade to this new deal. They said I could, they phoned my local store to reserve one and an hour later I had my Omnia 7. Not only that but I flogged my HD7 back to O2 for £100 on their “recycling” scheme. Just to emphasize the deal here:

  • I now have a better, newer, handset. The one I wanted all along.
  • I am paying £15 a month instead of £35 (and I get to pay it for 2 years – long contracts on cheap monthly rates are a win in my book)
  • I’m £100 better off

I don’t want to gloat too much but…well actually….I really do!!!

Anyway, I’m writing this blog post so that anyone in the UK that happens upon it can get in on the deal too if they want to. Don’t hang about too long though because I spoke to the sales assistant in the T-mobile store who said:

“We’ve had these Omnia 7’s sitting around untouched for months but since we introduced this deal yesterday they’ve been flying off the shelves”

Good luck!



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May 21, 2011 at 5:35 pm

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