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Use case for a new SkyDrive/DropBox feature

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I was reading Ed Bott’s article “With Windows 8, just what does “no compromises” mean?” when something occurred to me about the various file sharing services that are out there such as SkyDrive and DropBox. Specifically it was this sentence:

“I’m returning from the IFA 2012 tradeshow in Berlin, where I came away with the usual selection of press materials on USB flash drives.”

that caught my attention. It seems to me that handing out USB drives in this day and age is rather antiquated.  Nevertheless if PR folks are handing them out then it must mean there isn’t a better alternative.

Seems to me services like SkyDrive/DropBox could help out here. Rather than hand out USB drives to Ed a PR person (let’s call him Dave) could instead distribute a URL to a folder on SkyDrive/DropBox that contains all of the PR materials. Problem with that is that that it would still live on Dave’s SkyDrive/DropBox, it wouldn’t be part of Ed’s SkyDrive/DropBox. What if there were a button on that folder labelled (e.g.) “Add to my files” which Ed could click and then that folder automatically becomes part of his SkyDrive/DropBox (viewable on the web, synced to Ed’s laptop etc…). Any changes that Dave makes automatically turn up in Ed’s collection; moreover Dave still maintains full control over the folder.

Better still, rather than using a button the URL that Dave distributes could (if Dave desired it) automatically add it to the collection of the person clicking the URL.

Would be useful, no?

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September 4, 2012 at 3:26 pm

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